October 31, 2014

October Roundup

As you can see me (and the blog) are all in autumnal mode right now. All in for heavy knits, dark berry colours and cozy afternoons. There haven't been much style things this months, but I've loved the lifestyle bits even more. My favourite posts have to be The Life: 5 Things I Love with a delicious soup recipe at the end and The Life: Study Hard & Enjoy Life.

P.S. I loved Estée's 'Found in Film' for beautiful scandinvian pictures, Rebecca's Fail Safe Outfits, Kate's Essie Collection (beaut!) and Charly's strong post about having (not being!) Bipolar II.

Lots of Love

The Week's Nail #13

Oh I'm loving my greys at the moment. Pairing this comfy sweater with Essie's 'Take It Outside' (current LE) has been my favourite thing to do lately. On days on which I'm wearing a bold lip, the grey nails pull together everything really nice. Your perfectly fine with two thin coats and the polish lasts for about 5 days without chipping!

Lots of Love

October 29, 2014

The Life: Day In The Life

On Thursdays and Fridays I don't have any Uni classes or work, so I stay at home pretty much all day long and get other things done. I thought you might be interested in a sneakpeak into my daily life.

08:00 I wake up around 8am everyday and have a quick browse through instagram and twitter. 
08:05 I get up and make myself some breakfast with which I crawl back into bed. Whilst enjoying some granola I really enjoy cathing up on youtube.
08:30 Hoping into the shower whilst listening to some music (Hozier!). With a towel on my head I quickly apply my every day makeup.

09:00 Whilst waiting for my hair to dry I have a read on blogloving (a little obsessed and jennypurr are always on point).
09:15 Blowrdying my hair (for hours..)

09:30 Then I love to snap some blog pictures as the lighting always is best in the morning. And photos really inspire me to write blogposts and gather new ideas.
10:30 On Friday nights I have to hand in some small Uni papers so I get stick my head into my textbooks for quite a while.
12:00 Taking a lunch break is really important for me to keep my inspiration and motivation flowing. On days that me (and the boy) are off Uni we really like to eat out. There are some lovely restaurants just around the corner and I enjoy my lunchbreaks most whilst chatting to the boy.

14:00 Getting back to uni stuff. Exciting times!

16:00 After hours of reading I especially enjoy editing blog photos and writing up new posts. A cup of hot chocolate and on I go!

19:00 Whilst watching youtube videos and reading blogs I quickly eat dinner and relax.
19:45 Now it depends on the night. Some nights I'll be at home watching youtube or some netflix (Orange Is The New Black!). Some nights I will go out and have a relaxing night with friends. Just a couple of drinks and chatting along.
23:30 I give myself a little pamper whilst taking of day's makeup and hop into bed where the boy's already waiting to catch up on some netflix.
00:15 After one episode of our current series (read: obsession) I switch off the lights and fall asleep.

What do your days normally look like? Do you stick to a certain routine or just give your day a go?
Lots of Love

October 27, 2014

The Haul: Málaga

As I'm really busy this week I thought I'd just quickly share a few beauty items I bought during my recent trip to Málaga. Being on a trip with three guys made me decide quickly whilst browsing the drug stores and I'm really happy with the products.

My favourite probably is the Dolce & Gabana Perfume in 'Dolce'. This has been on my wishlist for about 7 months now and I finally made the purchase. In Germany this retails at 65€ and I managed to get my hands on it for 31€ in Malaga, so I'm one really happy girl right now. Besides the really adorable packaging I love the scent so much and am so glad I've finally got it.

At KIKO I got some new Infinity Eyshadows for my clics-palette. '258 Mat Yellow' '275 Electric Blue' '257 Metallic Light Copper' and '213 Mat Cocoa' are my picks and I will be sharing a review of the whole palette and my eyeshadows soon. I adore the big range of neutrals that KIKO offers and am also glad that I purchased some brights as well to spice up my eyeshadow game a bit!

I also got the 'Eyes 201' eyeshadow brush. With it's wide angle it fits perfectly into the outer-v of my eye and with this I can create beautiful eyelooks in just a couple of seconds. Really impressed!

This year Essie's autumn limited edition 'dress to kilt' really is on point. I've especially fallen in love with 'fall in line' - a muted muddy green (looks way more muted than in this picture) and 'take it outside' a light cozy grey. Beside dark reds I love muted colours that just look cozy and clean. You will get to see these two on my nails soon in one of my 'The Week's Nail'.

Lots of Love

October 24, 2014

The Interior: Anthropologie Wishlist

latte bowls // leather and gold magazine rack // cream and purple ombre blouse // bottle caddy // 
copper desk organizer // textured dark turqoise bowl // ombre glass // textured mint bowl
I've put myself on a shopping ban for clothes and anything makeup, so I've been browsing homeware a lot. I don't really need anything at the moment and don't even really want to get anything new, but I enjoy browsing beautiful pinterest boards and homeware shops for inspiration (and early christmas wishes!). Anthropologie always gets me, especially with their beautiful bowls and kitchenware so I wanted to share a few of my favourite items. The bottle caddy is on top of my wishlist as I drink tap water a lot and would love to store it in different sized and shaped bottles in this caddy.

Lots of Love

October 22, 2014

5 Things I Love

Wearing woolen scarves. I like to knit a scarf every year and currently I'm provided with quite a bunch. There's just nothing cozier then snuggling into your scarf whether you're on the go, sitting on the couch or just chatting away with friends.

Burning candles adds to my 'cozy favourites'. As an allergic I always find it quite hard to discover scented candles that don't trigger my allergies so most of my candles are scentfree. I love buying candle holders so there's always a variety to choose from.

Blog planning has become my number one hobby. Way to many creative ideas in my head.. 

Cider with Rosie. There's nothing else to say besides that Rosie's blog and youtube are perfection. I adore her (and her fiancé's!) house, life and dog way to much and squeal when a new blogposts turns up in my feed. Head over to the lovely blog here:  ciderwithrosie.

Homemade soup is my new passion. My boyfriend has always loved the soups his mother made when he still lived at home and just kept talking about them. So now we're recreating them. And now I'm a complete soup convert! I always make a whole big pot of it and then share it with friends or just freeze it for a quick meal later on.

Cream Vegetable Soup (10 big portions):
1,3 kg potatoes / 1 kg carrots / 1 celery corm / 2 leeks
0,6 kg whipping cream (liquid) 
ginger / salt / vegetable stock
Chop the vegetables and cook them in a big pot until they're soft. Strain off access water and blend the cooked vegetables together with the wipping cream. Season the soup to taste with ginger, salt and vegetable stock.

Lots of Love

October 20, 2014

The Beauty: Light Copper

When I'm not wearing a plum colour on my lids I love coppery golden colours. Whilst in Malaga I picked up this beautiful Kiko Infinity Eyeshadow in '257 Metallic Light Copper' and lightly applied all over the lid (with a bit of Kiko's '213 Mat Cocoa' in the crease) it gives a perfect autumnal everyday look. The The Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB-Cream gives me the perfect 'inner' glow that I've really been loving.
Lots of Love

October 17, 2014

The Week's Nail #12

I've been loving this really dark green shade '160 deep sea, baby' the last couple of weeks and wanted to share it with you. Coming from Essence it's a real bargain at around 1,95€. You need to apply two coats to get the colour opaque and together with the Essie 'good to go' topcoat it lasts about four days without chipping. I just thinks it's the perfect autumnal colour which looks dark green or almost black depending on the light. And I love pairing this with a dark red lip.
Lots of Love

October 15, 2014

The Music: Beautiful Women

Today I'm coming at you with a playlist full of my favourite female artists. From Tina Dico over First Aid Kit to Beyonce, it's all there.
Lots of Love

October 13, 2014

The Beauty: Glowing Inspiration

 1 & 2
 3 & 4
As I'm on a short trip to Malaga until tomorrow and haven't had the time to take blogpictures, I thought I'd share some beauty inspiration from pinterest with you! I'm really into a natural, glowing makeup that makes you look like you're naturally glowing from within and just woke up looking divine. Flawless skin, rosy cheeks and strong brows. And I love the plum eyelook on Natalie Portman way too much...
Lots of Love

October 10, 2014

The Style: 5 Autumn Staples

autumn essentials
I love a good autumn wardrobe and with brown hair, brown eyes and a warm undertone to my skin autumn colours have always suited me well. During summer I showed you my 11 summer staples (look here) and now it's time for 5 autumn staples.
1) Woolen scarves I love to knit and every year I knit myself a simple unicoloured infinityscarf. But I've also found a collection of beautiful woolen scarves online that I'm craving quite badly. 
Ochre from Monki // Striped from Zara // White ,Red & Dark Grey from H&M

2) long cardigans I'm all in for a chunky and cozy grey cardigan. I love the pattern and design these ones come in and think they make them look more expensive than they actually are. 
light grey from H&M // flecked with grey from Mango // Striped from Salsit

3) (faux) leather boots with a chunky heelare my all time favourite shoe and I've finally found a really comfortable one with the burgundyred ones from Pinkie. 
Burgundy from Pimkie // Brown & beige from H&M
4) (faux) leather pants and skirt I'm still on the hunt for the perfect fitting faux leather pants but I really like these quite affordable ones from H&M.
black & red pants & cognac skirt from H&M
5) dainty jewellry looks amazing combined with heavy knit. So just throw on two delicate necklaces and top it off with a chunky scarf and it looks amazing. 
medaillon from Tillys // pendant necklace from H&M // simple rings from Witchery // stack on rings from H&M

Lots of Love

October 8, 2014

The Life: Autumn Activities

Although my favourite season is summer, I really like autumn as well, especially when the sun's out a lot and your not stuck inside all day long. And there are some particular activities I'm really looking forward to this autumn.

Baking cake and muffins. I love a good piece of cake and enjoy it even more if I've made it myself. For autumn I love everything with apple, cinnamon and berries. Next on my to-bake-list are these 'Healthy Cinnamon Sugar Apple Muffins' and this 'Apple Pie with Kaleidoskope'.

Going on long walks. As long as the sun is warming me up outside I love going for long walks, a short hike or just sit on a bench outside. And I really want to go kiteflying this year together with my boyfriend as I think it's such a cute activity.

Have friends over a lot. When it's cold outside I love to have friends over during the day, drinking alcohol-free mulled wine or just a cup of tea. I also really enjoy brunch on a sunday morning. Sitting inside with your loved ones, enjoying a hot chocolate and a croissant whilst looking outside at the changing leaves is one of the things that really makes me happy.

Movie nights. As we've got a video projector at home we regularly invite friends to our home to have themed movie nights. Not like a costume party, but we enjoy to watch movies by the same director or french movies. Sometimes we even have dinner first with up to 12 friends and then all cuddle up to watch a good movie afterwards.

Getting crafty. I love to work on DIY-projects all year long, but take even more time for it during autumn. I would love to sew pillow cases and embellish some jars for my kitchen. And as always I will knit a new infinity scarf...

Do you have any good DIY ideas? I'm really looking for new ideas :)

Lots of Love

October 6, 2014

The Beauty: Autumn Essentials

This week will be 'Autumn Essentials' week! So I'm talking all autumn beauty, autumn lifestyle and autumn fashion. When it comes to autumn I'm eventually just like everybody else. I enjoy to cuddle up, light some candles and relax in a golden lighted room. Warmer colours in my makeup are a must for me as I really like the autumnal vibe. 

October 3, 2014

The Week's Nail #11

As all beauty bloggers I will begin talking about 'berry', 'wine' and 'burgundy' shades from now on and it probably will last until the end of january. I just love a good dark red and it doesn't really matter wheather it's a scarve, a lipstick or most preferably a nailpolish. There's just something mysterious, but also really chic about this autumnal and wintery colour. 

First there is a true red shade in my collection that I love during the colder months, Kiko '239 Vermilion Red'. You can never go wrong with this red and it really suits everybody and every age. Then my favourite berry colour is Essie 'Bahama Mama'. I love to wear this on my toes during summer and it's a real favourite now autumn has arrived (see it on my nails here). Next there's Essie 'Sole Mate' which might look similar at first, but really isn't (really!). It's not as purpletoned as 'Bahama Mama', but more of a darker red. Last comes Essie 'Wicked' which I've had for ages now. I would call this 'oxblood red' as it's a really really dark red colour that can almost look black in some light. All polishes have been applied with two coats and last really well. Although 'Sole Mate' chips faster than the other bunch, it will last chipfree for a good 4 days under a good topcoat.
Lots of Love

October 1, 2014

The Life: Study hard and enjoy life - time management

This is the first part of a little series called 'study hard and enjoy life', this episode focuses on time management which I think is key to bring study and a enjoyable life in line.
I graduated from school succesfully in 2011 and just finished my B.A. with a good grade about a month a go. Although I've always been quite good at what I've studied I never could go without good structured time management. And even though you will have to sacrifice some spare time you will be able to enjoy your life, meet friends and keep doing what you love most. So here are my 'top 5 tips on time management'.