November 23, 2015

das jute leben - the good life
It has been quiet around here for a while. But behind the scenes it's been a whirlwind of inspiration, fun and adventures! Whilst on a four week holiday in Sweden with my friend Lisa we decided to found "das jute leben - the good life" together. 

Over on you can find what enrichens and embellishes our lifes, what inspires us and what we dream of. The lust for life is only one of many passions we share. Beauty and fashion, movies and music are our interests, as well as baking, cooking and travelling together - all those enjoyable and good things in life!

I will no longer post over here on juliesdreams, so I would love you all to go over to "das jute leben - the good life" and join us on our journey through the good things in life!

You will also be able to find us on social media (all @dasjuteleben)!


Lots of Love 
and thank you all so much for the creative moments we've shared so far

May 22, 2015

The Outfit: building a wardrobe - capsule pieces

summer and spring 2
As I share a spring and summer capsule it's not as easy to narrow it down to a certain amount of pieces as during autumn and winter. Here in Germany it still can be very cold on some days even during summer so I just can't completely ban thicker sweaters and longsleeves from my wardrobe. But I'm still all about the airy and flowy pieces.

I've already told you in the last 'building a wardrobe' post that I'm all about white and blue during the warmer months and this year is no exception. I already got all the pieces I need for my spring/summer capsule. I've just purchased one pair of new flats as I really needed some (the blue/black/white vans style ones you can see above). As for the rest I'm really happy about what I got last year.

this year's capsule pieces are
  • staple dresses with bold prints that I will be able to wear on it's own without looking too basic
  • airy blouses that can be worn over jeans and shorts as well
  • jeans shorts and printed shorts
  • striped crop tops which go with high waisted jeans or skirts
  • basic tops that can be dressed up by accesorizing 
  • mint trousers (go with blue, white, black and grey...)
  • blazers - I'm especially in love with this bright yellow one from Zara I got last year
Esentially it's all about mixing bold patterns with basic pieces. Either bold shorts with a basic top or the other way round. As the hotter months aren't really about layering this is the way I like to stand out a bit.
Lots of Love

May 20, 2015

The Life: 5 Things I Love

Sunshine and flowers. Oh I'm so in love with spring and summer. I always have been. Don't really know how this happens, but everytime the sun finally gets out again after long months of grey coldness I instantly feel happy and fullfilled.

Facetime. Quite a bunch of you might know that my boyfriend is currently studying abroad in Japan. He's been away now for over two months and it's honestly been quite okay. Sure I would rather have him by my side everyday, but with my favourite app Facetime everything has been way easier. Being able to talk to each other and see each other on a daily basis really makes things a lot more bareable.

Holiday planning. As I already told you in my last '5 things i love' post I will be visiting my boyfriend in Japan at the end of July and afterwards will be heading on a 4 week interrailtrip through Sweden with a friend. So excited!

My skin. My skin has been behaving amazingly. I've always suffered from really dry patches especially during the colder months. But somehow it seems that I've found the perfect products to keep those patches away. Feels incredible!

Watching Netflix. My current favourite's are 'Ripper Street', 'Better call Saul'  and 'Orphan Black'.
Lots of Love

May 15, 2015

The Favourite: Muted Nails

I'm all about the warmer months so I'm really excited that it's finally getting warmer where I live. Today I'm showing you my current favourite muted polishes (all by Essie...). Perfect for hands and feet!

'Go Ginza' is a beautiful light purple shade that looks very chic and sleek on your nails. Applied onto your nails it's almost a white shade with a strong purple colouration and it makes your skin look really tanned.

'Eternal Optimist' is a rusty pink. You could get away with just one coat, but two make your hands look divine. Such a simple, but still unique colour.

'Fashion Playground'. As turquoise is one of my favourite colours I immeditately fell in love with this shade. It looks perfect and lasts an amazing amount of seven days without chipping.

'Spin The Bottle' might just be the perfect nude shade for my skin tone. Wearing this my hands look well-groomed and chic.

I've posted photos of my nails with all of these shades on over on my  Instagram.

Lots of Love

May 13, 2015

The Life: 2015 Reading Challenge - Update

At the beginning of this year I told you about my personal reading challenge for 2015 (read about that here). I want to read and listen to at least 20 books this year. So I wanted to give you a quick overview of what I've read so far:

Marc-Uwe Kling: Die Känguru Chroniken (The Kangaroo Chronicles)
Just for german readers.. You have to listen to the audio book read by Marc-Uwe Kling himself though: AMAZING! I'm so in love with the characters.. Life with a kangaroo..
Patrick Modiano: Straferlass (engl. Suspended sentences)
I had never read anything by Modiano before, but after reading 'Straferlass' I sure will. It's a quick read that really sucks you in and mesmerizes you.

Rita Falk: Griessnockerlaffäre
Again for german readers only. Set in bavaria this is the fourth book in a series set around villageofficer Franz Eberhofer. It's all about local dialects, food, personality and of course murder. 

Rita Falk: Sauerkrautkoma
And there you have the fifth book in the 'Eberhofer'-series.
Marc-Uwe Kling: Das Känguru Manifest
Second book of the 'Kangaroo Chronicles'. Brilliant! In my opinion it's the best book of the trilogy.
Alexa Chung: IT
Sucked in by the hype aroung Alexa Chung and her book I got it for Christmas. With a lot of pictures and scriblings this book is a really quick, but fun read. As I adore Chung's style it's really interesting to get to know her influences and thoughts on fashion.
Marc-Uwe Kling: Die Känguru Offenbarung
And yet the final book of the 'Kangaroo Chronicles'. As much as I loved the series as a whole I'm a bit dissapointed by the third book. Nevertheless it's still brilliant and Marc-Uwe Kling pursuades by impersonating the kangaroo in it's funny and bullheaded way.
Lilly Osborne: The Life Changing Magic Of Order
I love organizing, rearanging and feeling comfortable in my home and environment. I've never read a book about organizing before so I thought I'de give it a go. And although there are quite some spelling mistakes in this book (maybe hire another editor next time..) it really satisfies the organization-lover and there are some usefull tips and tricks that I will try to adapt.
Marc-Uwe Kling: Die Känguru Offenbarung
Yes, again! I've listened to this audio book three times already. I just love it more every time...

So far I've ticked these books off of my list:
  • a book with a one word title (R. Falk: Griessnockerlaffäre)
  • a book a friend recommended (M. Kling:
  • a trilogy (M. Kling: Kangaroo Chronicles Series)
  • a book you can finish in a day (A. Chung: IT
  • a book published this year (L. Osborne: The Life Changing Magic Of Order)
  • a book that was originally written in another language (P. Modiano: Straferlass)
Lots of Love