October 27, 2014

The Haul: Málaga

As I'm really busy this week I thought I'd just quickly share a few beauty items I bought during my recent trip to Málaga. Being on a trip with three guys made me decide quickly whilst browsing the drug stores and I'm really happy with the products.

My favourite probably is the Dolce & Gabana Perfume in 'Dolce'. This has been on my wishlist for about 7 months now and I finally made the purchase. In Germany this retails at 65€ and I managed to get my hands on it for 31€ in Malaga, so I'm one really happy girl right now. Besides the really adorable packaging I love the scent so much and am so glad I've finally got it.

At KIKO I got some new Infinity Eyshadows for my clics-palette. '258 Mat Yellow' '275 Electric Blue' '257 Metallic Light Copper' and '213 Mat Cocoa' are my picks and I will be sharing a review of the whole palette and my eyeshadows soon. I adore the big range of neutrals that KIKO offers and am also glad that I purchased some brights as well to spice up my eyeshadow game a bit!

I also got the 'Eyes 201' eyeshadow brush. With it's wide angle it fits perfectly into the outer-v of my eye and with this I can create beautiful eyelooks in just a couple of seconds. Really impressed!

This year Essie's autumn limited edition 'dress to kilt' really is on point. I've especially fallen in love with 'fall in line' - a muted muddy green (looks way more muted than in this picture) and 'take it outside' a light cozy grey. Beside dark reds I love muted colours that just look cozy and clean. You will get to see these two on my nails soon in one of my 'The Week's Nail'.

Lots of Love