October 8, 2014

The Life: Autumn Activities

Although my favourite season is summer, I really like autumn as well, especially when the sun's out a lot and your not stuck inside all day long. And there are some particular activities I'm really looking forward to this autumn.

Baking cake and muffins. I love a good piece of cake and enjoy it even more if I've made it myself. For autumn I love everything with apple, cinnamon and berries. Next on my to-bake-list are these 'Healthy Cinnamon Sugar Apple Muffins' and this 'Apple Pie with Kaleidoskope'.

Going on long walks. As long as the sun is warming me up outside I love going for long walks, a short hike or just sit on a bench outside. And I really want to go kiteflying this year together with my boyfriend as I think it's such a cute activity.

Have friends over a lot. When it's cold outside I love to have friends over during the day, drinking alcohol-free mulled wine or just a cup of tea. I also really enjoy brunch on a sunday morning. Sitting inside with your loved ones, enjoying a hot chocolate and a croissant whilst looking outside at the changing leaves is one of the things that really makes me happy.

Movie nights. As we've got a video projector at home we regularly invite friends to our home to have themed movie nights. Not like a costume party, but we enjoy to watch movies by the same director or french movies. Sometimes we even have dinner first with up to 12 friends and then all cuddle up to watch a good movie afterwards.

Getting crafty. I love to work on DIY-projects all year long, but take even more time for it during autumn. I would love to sew pillow cases and embellish some jars for my kitchen. And as always I will knit a new infinity scarf...

Do you have any good DIY ideas? I'm really looking for new ideas :)

Lots of Love