October 3, 2014

The Week's Nail #11

As all beauty bloggers I will begin talking about 'berry', 'wine' and 'burgundy' shades from now on and it probably will last until the end of january. I just love a good dark red and it doesn't really matter wheather it's a scarve, a lipstick or most preferably a nailpolish. There's just something mysterious, but also really chic about this autumnal and wintery colour. 

First there is a true red shade in my collection that I love during the colder months, Kiko '239 Vermilion Red'. You can never go wrong with this red and it really suits everybody and every age. Then my favourite berry colour is Essie 'Bahama Mama'. I love to wear this on my toes during summer and it's a real favourite now autumn has arrived (see it on my nails here). Next there's Essie 'Sole Mate' which might look similar at first, but really isn't (really!). It's not as purpletoned as 'Bahama Mama', but more of a darker red. Last comes Essie 'Wicked' which I've had for ages now. I would call this 'oxblood red' as it's a really really dark red colour that can almost look black in some light. All polishes have been applied with two coats and last really well. Although 'Sole Mate' chips faster than the other bunch, it will last chipfree for a good 4 days under a good topcoat.
Lots of Love