September 26, 2013

The Life: Leaving On A Jet Plane - 2 Weeks No Juliesdreams

Two weeks no JuliesDreams! I'm off to my well deserved holiday in Corse! For now I'll just I leave you a beautiful picture of corse that I googled.. And I will be back with my own pictures, adventures and beauty picks from France!

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September 23, 2013

Instagram Roundup #1

This week as autumn really hit my area it was all about being comfy, warm and lazy.
Staying in bed all sunday morning // Hating autumn weather, despite the lovely rainbows // blogging in a cozy environment is best! // no-makeup-makeup for this week!

My instagram is @juliesdreams!

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September 22, 2013

The Covet: Non-Black Handbags (Under 50€)

non black handbags

As much as I love (all of..) my black purses I also love some colourful ones. Besides of the bright red option I tend to like autumny colours like cognac, burgundy and dark green. 
At the moment I'm searchig for a new non-black addition since my other bags have all seen better days. So I'm loving the four options above, but would love to know other bags for under 50€ that you like!
Lots of Love

September 20, 2013

The Style: French Holidays

French Holidays

Next friday I'll be heading to Corse (France) for my needed two weeks of "summer" holiday with the boy. I quote summer as it's really already autumn, but Corse has 25°C waiting for us though. Me being excited for sun but not being to optimistic about shorts and bikinis all day long, I've been looking for my perfect french pieces that are summery but won't let me get a cold.
So my packing list looks something like this..

September 19, 2013

The Favourite: Autumn and Winter Nailpolishes

autumn and winter polishes

If you've read about my favourite colours for this year's autumn and winter clothing then you might notice a small pattern. I just love the cozy, autumn colours with a pop of brighter colour here and there.
This year the colours for me will be: a rosy nude, a dark wicked red, a dark cozy grey, a vibrant electric blue as a focus to brighten up a grey comfy outfit (i don't really , a dark navy blue and a dark military green. 
And as you can probably see, I love me some essie polishes. Just such simple application and that's what you want in winter if you're about to go out and put your gloves on.

Do you have any favourite nailpolishes for this season or don't you differ between the warmer and the colder months?
Lots of Love

September 17, 2013

The Current Favourite #1

So since I haven't been posting a monthly favourite (lack of time to experiment, lack of rotation in my stash..) on a regular basis I thought I'd start a "Current Favourite" series. It will still be listed under "The Favourite" at my sidebar though. 

September 16, 2013

The Organization: Blog Renovation

For the past weeks I've been working on the design of my blog. And now I'm finally ready and quite proud as I got myself into some HTML.

The biggest change besides from the new look that juliesdreams has is the menue-bar. The navigation is now located at the left side of juliesdreams just above the search-option and the postarchive. You can now easily click on one of the six cathegories and switch between them. 

September 15, 2013

The Focus: Yellow Brightning

So with my "Blog Renovation" I'm starting a whole new cathegory on my blog: Lifestyle. There have already been some posts about lovely stuff here on juliesdreams, but they didn't fit the beauty and fashion class so I decided to open a new one. More about my blog renovation will probably be posted tomorrow.

And as it goes this first real lifestyle post is going to be about interior (my second love, just look up my pinterest...)

As I was redecorating our appartment I noticed that we really don't have any yellow furniture, decoration or pops of colour. Nothing. We have other fresh bright colours, but no yellow. So I decided to look whether a yellow piece would be worth it or not. I went onto the internet and holy moly I got obsessed. Yellow is such a nice colour! Colourblocked, with black and white or just as a small statement. As summer is just over I'm really searching for some brights now as they make a room look so clean, fresh and warm at the same time! 

September 8, 2013

The Week's Nail: #3

My favourite nailpolish for the past week has been Korres Myrrh & Oligoelements Nail Colour High Shine / Long Lasting in 45 coral. It's a bright but chic and lovely coral that has a beautiful shine to it. This just extends my summer a bit! The polish itself is full coverage after just one application and stays for 4 days without chipping which is amazing (and I didn't even wear a topcoat, lazy me..)

Do you have a favourite nail colour this week? And do you still wear bright colours during fall?

Lots of Love

September 6, 2013

The Covet: Autumn and Winter Colours

winter colours

Loving these colours and textures for autumn and winter this year! Some softs and a bright one. Lovely!

Do you have favourite colours for the colder months? 

Lots of Love

September 3, 2013

Tue - SeeSoundShopSearchedSaveShow - Day: #2

See - Sound - Shop - Searched - Save - Show