October 29, 2014

The Life: Day In The Life

On Thursdays and Fridays I don't have any Uni classes or work, so I stay at home pretty much all day long and get other things done. I thought you might be interested in a sneakpeak into my daily life.

08:00 I wake up around 8am everyday and have a quick browse through instagram and twitter. 
08:05 I get up and make myself some breakfast with which I crawl back into bed. Whilst enjoying some granola I really enjoy cathing up on youtube.
08:30 Hoping into the shower whilst listening to some music (Hozier!). With a towel on my head I quickly apply my every day makeup.

09:00 Whilst waiting for my hair to dry I have a read on blogloving (a little obsessed and jennypurr are always on point).
09:15 Blowrdying my hair (for hours..)

09:30 Then I love to snap some blog pictures as the lighting always is best in the morning. And photos really inspire me to write blogposts and gather new ideas.
10:30 On Friday nights I have to hand in some small Uni papers so I get stick my head into my textbooks for quite a while.
12:00 Taking a lunch break is really important for me to keep my inspiration and motivation flowing. On days that me (and the boy) are off Uni we really like to eat out. There are some lovely restaurants just around the corner and I enjoy my lunchbreaks most whilst chatting to the boy.

14:00 Getting back to uni stuff. Exciting times!

16:00 After hours of reading I especially enjoy editing blog photos and writing up new posts. A cup of hot chocolate and on I go!

19:00 Whilst watching youtube videos and reading blogs I quickly eat dinner and relax.
19:45 Now it depends on the night. Some nights I'll be at home watching youtube or some netflix (Orange Is The New Black!). Some nights I will go out and have a relaxing night with friends. Just a couple of drinks and chatting along.
23:30 I give myself a little pamper whilst taking of day's makeup and hop into bed where the boy's already waiting to catch up on some netflix.
00:15 After one episode of our current series (read: obsession) I switch off the lights and fall asleep.

What do your days normally look like? Do you stick to a certain routine or just give your day a go?
Lots of Love