July 20, 2014

Currently Not Available

As you might have noticed by the lack of posts: I'm really busy finishing my bachelor-thesis. There will eventually be no posts until the 1st of August I think. I really love blogging, but I sit in front of the computer all day every day writing my thesis and don't feel like writing out a blogpost at night. The ideas are flowing in though, so stay tuned for some beauty and fashion posts the moment I've handed in my bachelor-thesis!
Lots of Love

July 11, 2014

The Empty Products #3: Haircare

The pile of used up products is getting smaller with every post I write about it, so I thought I might continue my little series by talking about my finished hair products (and saving my relationship by throwing "this unnecessary pile of old junk" away.. ;-) ).

July 8, 2014

The Life: Life Lately #2

Mr.Bleck chocolate fudge cake (they heat it up freshly!) and an iced chocolate have been my favourite things to get during study breaks
Besides getting into a quite regular blogging routine (mondays and fridays - although today is tuesday.. whoops!) there have been some other things that really brighten up my life at the moment. I'm really busy with my last week of finals from my bachelorstudies and only four weeks left to hand in my bachelor-thesis. But besides the few little nervous (or angry..) breakdowns I've had, I've been having a wonderful time trying to look after my self better and to meet my friends more often.

July 4, 2014

The Empty Products #2: Face Products

I've used quite some products up over the past probably 6 months and am finally sharing you with them. I've seperated them into different categories and today I want to tell you about my finished face products.