October 22, 2014

5 Things I Love

Wearing woolen scarves. I like to knit a scarf every year and currently I'm provided with quite a bunch. There's just nothing cozier then snuggling into your scarf whether you're on the go, sitting on the couch or just chatting away with friends.

Burning candles adds to my 'cozy favourites'. As an allergic I always find it quite hard to discover scented candles that don't trigger my allergies so most of my candles are scentfree. I love buying candle holders so there's always a variety to choose from.

Blog planning has become my number one hobby. Way to many creative ideas in my head.. 

Cider with Rosie. There's nothing else to say besides that Rosie's blog and youtube are perfection. I adore her (and her fiancé's!) house, life and dog way to much and squeal when a new blogposts turns up in my feed. Head over to the lovely blog here:  ciderwithrosie.

Homemade soup is my new passion. My boyfriend has always loved the soups his mother made when he still lived at home and just kept talking about them. So now we're recreating them. And now I'm a complete soup convert! I always make a whole big pot of it and then share it with friends or just freeze it for a quick meal later on.

Cream Vegetable Soup (10 big portions):
1,3 kg potatoes / 1 kg carrots / 1 celery corm / 2 leeks
0,6 kg whipping cream (liquid) 
ginger / salt / vegetable stock
Chop the vegetables and cook them in a big pot until they're soft. Strain off access water and blend the cooked vegetables together with the wipping cream. Season the soup to taste with ginger, salt and vegetable stock.

Lots of Love