September 19, 2013

The Favourite: Autumn and Winter Nailpolishes

autumn and winter polishes

If you've read about my favourite colours for this year's autumn and winter clothing then you might notice a small pattern. I just love the cozy, autumn colours with a pop of brighter colour here and there.
This year the colours for me will be: a rosy nude, a dark wicked red, a dark cozy grey, a vibrant electric blue as a focus to brighten up a grey comfy outfit (i don't really , a dark navy blue and a dark military green. 
And as you can probably see, I love me some essie polishes. Just such simple application and that's what you want in winter if you're about to go out and put your gloves on.

Do you have any favourite nailpolishes for this season or don't you differ between the warmer and the colder months?
Lots of Love