September 15, 2013

The Focus: Yellow Brightning

So with my "Blog Renovation" I'm starting a whole new cathegory on my blog: Lifestyle. There have already been some posts about lovely stuff here on juliesdreams, but they didn't fit the beauty and fashion class so I decided to open a new one. More about my blog renovation will probably be posted tomorrow.

And as it goes this first real lifestyle post is going to be about interior (my second love, just look up my pinterest...)

As I was redecorating our appartment I noticed that we really don't have any yellow furniture, decoration or pops of colour. Nothing. We have other fresh bright colours, but no yellow. So I decided to look whether a yellow piece would be worth it or not. I went onto the internet and holy moly I got obsessed. Yellow is such a nice colour! Colourblocked, with black and white or just as a small statement. As summer is just over I'm really searching for some brights now as they make a room look so clean, fresh and warm at the same time! 

So here you have a few accent pieces. Nothing to big, but as yellow is a bright colour it instantly brings light to a home. You can tone the yellow down, but also make it pop.

If you really want to go for bright yellow and want to colour coordinate around that shade you can get a big piece of furniture or set an accent with paint. Paint your wooden floor, your window, your fireplace (but please don't paint your walls and then keep going on with the yellow theme. We're not obsessed like teens..)!

And this is definitely my favourite kind of showing your yellow love: yellow chairs. Do I really have to say anything or are you already wowed by the beauty of this? Now I just have to convince the boyfriend to get something yellow... Maybe we could change up our chair cushions as a first step.. And combined with a dark grey piece it would look lovely but subtile.

Do you have anything yellow in your appartment and with what colours combined do you love it most?  

Lots of Love

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