July 11, 2014

The Empty Products #3: Haircare

The pile of used up products is getting smaller with every post I write about it, so I thought I might continue my little series by talking about my finished hair products (and saving my relationship by throwing "this unnecessary pile of old junk" away.. ;-) ).
Although a full on blogpost about dry shampoo is coming soon I want to talk about some of these life saviours I've used up recently. I've been training my hair to come out of the habit of wanting to be washed every single day. Not only do I want to have a bit more sleep some mornings, but it's also just not good for my sensitive scalp to wash it daily. Here in Germany it's quite difficult to get hold of (good) dry shampoo, so I've been really searching everywhere and been trying every product I could get. So far I've used up the Syoss Dry Shampoo Anti-Grease (about 3,50€) which I really didn't like. It left me with white residue that just couldn't be brushed out and besides the odd "fresh" smell my hair just felt even more greasy afterwards. The Swiss Opar Frottee Dry Shampoo Fresh Up And Go (about 2,90€) was okay, but also didn't really wow me. It smells quite "fresh" and doesn't leave your hair looking too matte, but I still tried to slip in a quick hairwash and that wasn't really the intention. The total winner of them all is the Batiste Dry Shampoo Clean&Classic Original. I quite like the smell of this and have already bought the big bottle. This just takes away the grease, doesn't leave my hair looking too matte and gives my hair a nice bit of texture without weighing it down. Currently I'm also testing their XXL-Volume-version, their tropical (coconut!!) scented one and their solution for brunettes.

When I wash my hair I do this by using the Le Petit Marseiliais Shampooing Nutrition au lait de karité et au miel. I've already raved about this in my 2013 beauty staples (read here) and am currently on my fourth bottle of it, but let's just say: it smells like honey, leaves my hair feeling like a million dollars and I don't need to use a conditioner afterwards. 

If I'm really feeling the need I've been using the John Frieda brilliant brunette color protection hydration conditioner. This has a really lovely scent to it and leaves your hair feeling sleek and conditioned afterwards. I don't really think it is anything different to most conditioners, but for the sake of the smell I would by this again. Also I really think it brought out the different reflections of my brown hair.

Have you used any of these products yet? And what is your most loved dry shampoo? Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of Love