July 4, 2014

The Empty Products #2: Face Products

I've used quite some products up over the past probably 6 months and am finally sharing you with them. I've seperated them into different categories and today I want to tell you about my finished face products.
That I've used 3 bottles of Bioderma Créaline H20 Solution Micellaire probably already shows that I just love this product. It's a really good miccelar water to take off even waterproof makeup without having to rub your skin. It doesn't irritate my eyes or the delicate area around them which is really amazing for my eczema.
Next is a mini version of the Clinique take the day off makeup remover for lids, lashes & lips. I've taken this on a couple of short trips with me instead of the big Bioderma bottle. It's quite nice and removes makeup really good. The only downside is the oily consistency which strangely irritated my eye area and left me with red skin.
Another product from Clinique I used up is the Clinique all about eyes rich eyecream. This is quite pricey as it retails for 34,99€ for just 15ml so my expectations were really high. I suffer from dry flaky patches on my eyelids and under my eyes during the winter and was searching for something that would solve these problems. Clinique claims that the eyecream "reduces circles, shadows, puffs. intensely moisturises". For me nothing of this really happened. Of course the cream moisturizes, but sadly not to the extend that I need. And - although I don't really believe that a cream will be able to reduce shadows and circles at all - I was intrigued by this statement and then disappointed badly. The cream really soothes the skin but isn't as intensely rich as it states.
A product that worked really well for me is the TheBodyShop Aloe Soothing Night Cream for Sensitive Skin. Just as it says on the packaging it's a "rich skin-calming care to restore nourish and moisturise". This cream has helped my skin so much this winter and I will definitely repurchase this again when I've finished my current night cream. It's allergy tested and has no harsh smell to it which I really like, because I don't want a heavy smell near my face at night. This nourishes deeply and makes my skin look even and smooth in the morning.

Can you recommend me a good nourishing eye cream? And do you have any all time favourite face products?

Lots of Love