July 8, 2014

The Life: Life Lately #2

Mr.Bleck chocolate fudge cake (they heat it up freshly!) and an iced chocolate have been my favourite things to get during study breaks
Besides getting into a quite regular blogging routine (mondays and fridays - although today is tuesday.. whoops!) there have been some other things that really brighten up my life at the moment. I'm really busy with my last week of finals from my bachelorstudies and only four weeks left to hand in my bachelor-thesis. But besides the few little nervous (or angry..) breakdowns I've had, I've been having a wonderful time trying to look after my self better and to meet my friends more often.


I've been really getting into cooking the last couple of weeks. As many of you might know by now I'm allergic to yeast, which isn't just an ingredient in bread or pizza, but is also a natural part of vinegar, cheese and a lot of vegetables. I've been struggeling with this when I was a kid (thanks mom for cooking me special meals!) and it has come back in my late teens. I've been on an (almost always) yeast-free diet for 13 months now and have seen such a difference in my quality of life and also a big improvement with my eczema. Cooking fresh meals isn't too dificult as you really know what you put into it, but a quick meal for on the go or just a small workbreak has made me become desperate at times. But after over a year of a yeast-free diet I've really got the hang on how to cook fast, healthy and delicious dishes. So if you're interested I would like to share some recipes with you in the future!
Changing my hair from a sidepart to a middleparting and back is my favourite thing at the moment. I feel like a different person everytime.
I just love these rosegold / copper candle holders from H&M!
Enjoying warm evenings and nights sitting on my windowsill, listening to music, drinking icetea and painting my nails.

Quick and easy (yeast-free) apple and berry crumble recipe coming soon!
The eczema around my mouth has been the best it's ever been so I've taken the chance to paint my lips another beautiful bright summer colour every day!

Lots of Love