January 14, 2015

The Interior: H&M Home - Again!

H&M Home Wishlist
My boyfriend and I have been living together in our apartment for just a bit over two years now and we simply love it to bits. And finally it's all been coming together. At the beginning of December we got rid of my boyfriends old carpet (we're talking light green and white check here..) and got a new one that perfectly fits into our living room. 
I'm going for a white - grey - black - wood - beige colour range in there with some pops of oceancolours, used gold and copper. I love the cozy, but clean look these colours give. 
And although I think we really got everything now from pictures to pillows, I always crave for more. The H&M home section has been a true heaven and I really want some new additions now. Especially some candles that aren't only targeted towards autumn and winter. And I really want some cute place mats to go along with our furniture and that save our wooden table from spillings.
How is your current living situation? And are you also always on the hunt for home decor?

Lots of Love