January 16, 2015

The Outfit: building a wardrobe - colour palette

WEAR Colour Palette
After reading Anuschka's brilliant post about 'how to choose a versatile colour palette for your wardrobe' I've been looking through my wardrobe, searching pinterest and making collages about my own colour palette. 

I'm quite sure I am a 'warm deep autumn' type of person and therefore prefer warm autumnal colours on myself. During the last year I've also discovered that some dark greys also really suit my complexion. I've been doing all of this to begin a streamlining process of my wardrobe. I don't particularly own too many clothes or dislike them, but there are just clothes I never really gravitate towards or a standard uniform I tend to wear every day and I would like to define my style a bit better.

Although I haven't streamlined my colour palette as much as Anuschka suggests I'm really happy with it. I wear navy and dark grey the most and combine the two with black, light grey and softer nude or white tones. Depending on the season (and level of tan going on) I reach for brighter or more autumnal pops of colour.

I will turn this into a little series showing you my process of streamlining and working on my wardrobe.

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