January 12, 2015

The Beauty: Shower Yourself To Soft Skin

shower products rituals bodyshop
I've been sick for the last two weeks so I've either been in bed, in bath oder under a hot shower. To maintain soft and nourished skin whilst showering I've found my perfect companions. They haven't just done a great job since I've been sick, but already weeks back in 2014.

Most important has been the Rituals Summer Bliss White Lotus & Bergamot Caring Shower Oil. Since I've just run out of this I've switched to the Rituals Shanti Shower Indian Rose & Sweet Almond Oil Soothing Shower Oil. Despite the different (but divine!) scents they're both the same to me. One or two pumps of the oil foam up on your skin as it comes in contact with water. The formula is simply amazing as it nourishes my skin so much that I don't feel the need to moisturize afterwards. I've also been putting 8 - 10 pumps of the oil into the water whilst running a bath.
If I really want to have a lot of foam I use the The Body Shop Loofer to creat some extra bubbles and gently exfoliate my skin.

For exfoliation I've also been using the The Body Shop Shea Butter Body Scrub. Being really gentle to my dry skin it takes care of any flaking patches whilst leaving my skin feeling really soft and moist.

Do you have any holy grain shower products? Or do you prefer a hot bath whilst watching netflix as I do?

Lots of Love