March 4, 2014

The Wishlist: KIKO Boulevard Rock LE

KIKO just launched their new "Boulevard Rock LE" and I really want some of their products to start off into spring and summer!

Spring and summer really are my favourite seasons of the year. The blue skies, birds and animaly everywhere and the sun shining all day long. And with the sun, my beloved tan comes along. 
When it comes to makeup in the warmer months, I tend to keep it simple (as I do most days of the year...). I love wearing bronzer and blusher with a hint of shimmer during spring and summer as it really compliments the natural glow that comes from within me as it becomes warmer outside. Coral shades on cheeks and lips are a must for me, so I'm really excited to try out the Lipcrayons and "glow touch" lip and cheek tints. For eye makeup I like it best to just swipe on a cream colour all over the lid as you don't have to contour your crease and blend to much that way. I love the nude and rosy colours in which the creamy eyeshadow is launched, but I'm also very interested in the light-minty-tourqoise shade.

Have you tried some of the products by KIKO yet?

Lots of Love