March 7, 2014

The Haul: Found My Perfect Denim Jacket

I've been looking for a denim jacket for a couple of months (years..) now and have never really been happy with either colour, style or fit of the jackets that were around. And then when I had already given up I found my perfect match.

I was actually looking for some training bottoms (as getting fit is one of my new years resolutions..) so I was browsing Defshop - an onlineshop for all things streetwear and hiphopclothes - and stumbled upon this beautiful denim jacket by the brand Only.
It fits perfectly, has long sleeves that are even long enough for my long monkey-arms, a beautiful washing and ROSEGOLD buttons. I'm totally in love! It's the first denim jacket that doesn't look boxy on me and really compliments my figure. And because of the great washing I can pair this with denim trousers too!
I also came across this great printshirt by Sally&Circle which says "YAY"! With rold-up sleeves and a slightly loose fit this will be perfect with some cute white shorts and tanned legs in the summer.

The shirt costs 15,95€ and the denim jacket costs 29.95€ in store and was only 25.99€ at I paid 4,95€ for shipping (they also ship worldwide!) and the package arrived just two days after my order went in.

I'm so ready for spring now and really lucky that I've probably found the best denim jacket ever!

Do you often shop online for clothes? What are your experiences with shipping and service with online-stores or Defshop in particular?
Lots of Love