May 23, 2013

The Beauty: Smelling A Korres Summer

Korres Love
I confess. I am in love with spring. I am in love with summer. I am in love with Korres and I am in love with Korres' smells.

When I went to Greece last year I forgot my sunscreen and had to buy a new one. So I went to the local pharmacy and that's where my love began. The pharmacy just hosted local greek brands and as it was boling hot outside I just picked up the sunscreen with the highest protection. At the appartment I started applying it and holy moly what a smell! To me it smells like fruity joghurt. Amazing fruity joghurt! The consistency of the sunscreen is also great since it sinks in fast and you're not left with white streaks. There's the face sunscreen that comes in a normal tube and a body sunscreen with a handy pump. (It also comes as SPF 30!). Pricewise it's not on the cheep side, but if you want a moisturizing, fast drying, good smelling sunscreen it's totally worth the 25€.

Back from my holiday trip I went to my local drugstore and discovered a huge Korres counter. (Lucky me, unlucky bank account..)

And since october I've been discovering all the great different smells of the body milks and shower gels. If you're looking for a fresh summery scent I'd recommend:

body milks in vanilla cinnamon, coconut milk and citrus (14€)

shower gels in guava, coconut milk and mango (10€)

All products are very moisturizing, great smelling, natural cosmetics, 100% eco based and produced in Greece under good working conditions.

Have you been loving something from Korres? And what is your favourite smell during summer? Let me know below, on bloglovin, instagram or twitter!
Lots of love