May 31, 2013

The Favourite: May 2013

As you can see I'm a pot lover. I like taking a big scoup of something out of a put and start moisturizing, peeling or conditioning. So 3 out of 6 Favourites are lovely potproducts. So if you're a potlover as well, stay tuned! If not, I MAY have something else for you too!

Scrub May Body: This Month I've been loving the Soap&Glory Sugar Crush Body Peeling. I almost love all scents citrusy, so this is it for me! Whilst showering I normally scrub my legs, feet and rough elbows. For a couple of weeks I've had some blackheads and unevenness in my decolleté area, so I've been gently scrubbing that too and it has made a great difference. The scrub has enough brown sugar and macadamia grains to give a good scrub, but also be gentle to my quite sensitive skin. And the almond oil helps to moisturize my skin and keep it really soft.

Cleanse May Body: As I don't like to rinse my skin in the basin after cleansing (I create a big wet mess all over my PJs and the entire bathroomfloor...), I've started cleansing while I take a shower. And I absolutely love the The Body Shop Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin. It cleanses really gently and doesn't irritate my skin whilst making my poors clean and taking the dirt from the day off.

Moisturize May Body: Already mentioned in previous posts, favourites, hauls: the Ahava Deadsea Plants Caressing Body Sorbet. This product sinks in really fast (quick moisture before you put on your clothes and run out the house), mouisturizes my body for the whole day and leave a lovely smell behind. It smells like mandarin and cedarwood and is amazing! I repurchased this for the third time now and finally got the big tub that I love. And I MAY or MAY not have already bought the dry oil body mist that comes along in the same range (but that's for another post..).
Condition May Hair: My hair has always been quite dry and since I blowdry it every day it's exposed to direct heat and damage. For the last half year I've been loving the John Frieda Intensive Hair Mask and thought I wouldn't find any better. But I did. The L'oreal Hair Expertise EverRich Nourishing Intense Mask with botanical oils and without sulfates is the most moisturizing, conditioning hair mask that I've ever used. It leaves my hair incredibly soft and in this condition it will stay for days. My only negative point could be that it contains silicones, but I use a really good cleansing shampoo, so it's weighed out a bit! And ladys, it smells delicious!

Tone May Face: Like everyone I watched Pixiwoos BodyTalk with Caroline Hirons. And I changed my whole skincare routine up. I forgot to tone. And I really forgot, because I have toners, I know they're important, but I just let the dust take them over. So as I listened to Caroline Hirons, I learned my lesson, said sorry to my skin and put a new Cleanser on top of my To Buy List. And the next day I went and bought this Annemarie Börlind Rosedew Hydro Stimulant Facial Toner. It's a natural cosmetic brand which is perfect for my sensitive eczema skin. And it does its job really great. It leaves my skin cleansed and moisturized and prepped for my next face steps. I've been using it for exactly a month now and have already discoverd great changes. A Better complection and a much more even and lovely moisturized skin. The rose scent is a great bonus too!

Love May Smell: This was a recommendation from my mom and as always I just tried it to do her a pleasure and as always I've been loving it. I have really sensitive skin, especially under my arms, where razors drive their daily round.. And if I don't moisture that area it will be sore and not oh so pleasent to look at. So the Yves Rocher Jardins du Monde Lavender Deodorant  with some natural ingredients and no alcohol has been my savior for the last couple of months. I've said farewell to my alcohol soaked spray deodorants and will stick to this new lover forever! (Well probably until I discover something new.. But why try something out, when the moisture is great, it doesn't irritate freshly shaved skin and smells like a field of lavender?)
What have your favourites been this month and have you also learned form Caroline Hirons lesson? Let me know below, on bloglovin, instagram or twitter!
Lots of love