May 14, 2013

The Beauty: Budget Beauty Bag

Budget Beauty Bag

So today I want to give you some Ideas for a "Budget Beauty Bag". Good products, good amount of money and a whole face done. This might inspire an unexperienced reader to get some basics and a full on beauty blogger to minimalize down your beauty bag for shorter trips. I would take this bag to a weekend trip. And it might also be perfect for staying over at your boyfriend's for half of the week and then the next week switch blusher and eyeshadow colours up a bit!

Here they are NINE STEPS to a great Budget Beauty Bag. (Almost) all products for under 10€!

Step 1: BASICS
Having a good base is the first step towards a great make-up look. You can of course go for a light BB- or CC-Cream, but today we're looking for something to put into your little pouch and have it there for a couple of days. So daytime and nighttime use.
An affordable great quality base such as the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation-7€ will do the job. 

Concealerwise there's a really huge range from the budget brands. My favourite concealer of choice at the moment is the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer-5€. Great for undereyecircles and small blemish touch ups.

Step 3: CHEEKY
There are a lot of great budget products that have a lovely colourpayoff, texture and packaging. This KIKO Blusher in "Bright Pink"-7.50€ is super cute and also quite handy as it comes with a mirror. And for application I just use a two-in-one brush. One end for blush, one for powder, like this one from Ebeline-4€.

Like concealer, eyeshadows can be something that is a budget buy. There are really great eyeshadow palletes out there! For example this great nude basics pallete from NYX called Caviar and Bubbles-7.90€. It has all the nude light colours for a daytime makeup and can easily be transfered into a smoke-eye-nighttime makeup.

For Mascara I went a bit over the budget as I just love the Clinique High Impact-19.90€. But if you're already saving on everything else you can give yourself a small treat. Or just go for any drugstore mascara!

I just always throw a Lipgloss or a Lipstick into my bag as I go out, so there's just the best chabstick ever in my beauty bag: Burt's Bees Beeswax Lipbalm-3.50€. And Lipstickwise I love the moisturizing Revlon Lip Butters-8€.

Moisturizing your hands is necessary. Expecially if you're on the go. And who doesn't like a good smelling handmassage whilst sitting on the bus... My favourite pick is the The Body Shop Almond Hand And Nail Creme-6€.

And last but not least: You want to smell great. I don't like to throw my large glas perfume bottle into my bag, so I try to take samples with me or this great The Body Shop Body Mist in Pink Grapefruit-9€. This smells just like pink grapefruit. Exactly the same. I love this. Makes me long for summer..
Step 9: The Bag
This cute bag is from Forever 21-5€. They do really cute, affordable ones that you can just throw in the washer. And I love a good turqoise with gold for spring and summer..

What are your favourite budget beauty picks? And do you pack a lot for weekends or doyou just keep it simple? Let me know below, on bloglovin, instagram or twitter!
Lots of love