May 12, 2013

The Tag: I HEART Spring

1) Favourite Nailpolish
Definitely Essie's "Fifth Avenue" and "Spaghetti Strap". A bright and a nude, do I have to say more?

2) Must-Have Lip Colour
Natural lips or just Revlon Lip Butter in "Macaroon". Lovely not to out there bright.
3) Favourite Dress
This white dress with green flower printing from Benneton. Lovely! (This is not me, just a Benneton Model ;-)) I got it in the sale for much less and am so happy!
4) Favourite Flower
Tulips Tulips Tulips!
5) Favourite Scarf / Accessory
This colour blocked scarf from Benneton. Lovely colours!

 6) Whicht trends are you excited about?
Not really particulary trends, but flowers and colours in general. Just spring ;-)

7) Favourite Candle
No scented candles at the moment.. Any suggestions?

8) Favourite Perfume
Cacharel Scarlet. Oh so lovely! Flowers, light, love :)
9) What is spring like, where you live?
Sometimes happy, sometimes sad. We already hit the 25°C a couple of weeks ago, but now it's just cold and rainy...
10) Favourite thing about spring?
Flowers, Love, Hapiness, Colours, Sun, Fruit!

11) Are you a spring cleaner?
My closet doesn't fit my winter AND summer clothes anymore.. So I got to change that up and that automatically start to ramble around the whole flat. And I LOVE a good organization. Any tips needed, just ask! :D

12) Any vacation plans?
Actually not really, since I'm at Uni until the end of July. But then there will definitly be vacations. But then it's summer and that's really a different chapter.. ;-)

Have you done the "I HEART SPRING TAG"? What are you're favourites? 
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Lots of love