April 19, 2013

The Jewelry Edition: Favourite Rings

 As part of my "Favourite-Jewelry"-Row I'm showing my most worn and favourite rings!

    Stapled rings from H&M, they were golden      Big orangestoned statement ring. Also
    once, but now they just have turned "rose-     lovely with other stacked rings next to
    gold", which I quite like! --Set of 10 for 3€       it.  --3€ at H&M
     Big statement ring made of wood, with a       Stapled rings with a fake-pearl in it. Just
    diamont-like picture on it. The picture sho-     fit above my nuckles, which goes with the
    ws a part of my favourite art-work called        actual trends ;-)
    "The Kiss" ("Der Kuss") by Gustav Klimt.        -- H&M Set of 10 for 3€
    -- bought in greece for about 2€

Would love if you left a comment below, on bloglovinhellocotton or on twitter and instagram telling/showing me your favourite rings. (hashtag #dreamsrings)
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Lots of Love