April 23, 2013

The Beauty: Mayday Mayday!

We all probably have a few go-to / emergency / last hope items that we can't live without and we try to have with us as often as possible. For me they all stay in this small pink seethrough mesh bag from Clinique. 

It's really handy because you can see what's inside and have easy access, but it's also foldable and washable. So perfect for an emergency kit!  Most of the items always stay in the bag, but some also switch between bedsidetable / pockets / desk / bathroom.

As you can see there's still plenty of room to put stuff which is great so I can double it up as clutch occasionally and put my keys and phone in there too. And of course I can add loads of other important stuff if I feel like it.

So here are my most needed products:

Tissues - womenstuff.. - lipbalm by The BodyShop - current lipstick (Revlon LipButter in Macaroon) - headphones - Fisherman's Friend (I'm just so strong..) - KIKO concealer (doubles as a mirror!) - bobbypins and hairties - sample mascare by Lancome - spoon (you never know when you get hangry (essiebutton's word for hungry and angry :D)  - sample of Wild Rose Hand Butter by The BodyShop - Cuttonpad and Qtip - sample of perfumes that I like (in this case "Jil Sander STYLE")

Typical additions to my bag are blisterpatches, a small brush or sewingstuff.

Do you have an emergency kit that always stays with you? Would love if you left a comment below, on bloglovinhellocotton or on twitter and instagram.

Lots of Love