April 12, 2013

The Jewelry Edition: Favourite Necklaces

Today I want to show you my favourite necklaces as first part of my "Favourite Jewelry"-Row.

 As you can see I'm a sucker for gold jewelry. I just think it complements my skintone very well. In the winter I tend to be really pale and in the summer I get a tan really easily. And I've also got a oliveundertoned skincolour, so gold just adds a bit of warmth.

 Bijou Brigitte - 14.95€
I'm also a sucker for big statement necklaces. First I looked for a cuff necklace, but as my collarbones stand out a bit, it made the necklace stand out forward even more. So then I luckily found this cuff-like necklace, with a golden plate cut in three parts, so that it nestles up against my skin individually. And I love the texture of the metal and the thick rubber cord.
  Gift for my confirmation (real gold)
It's just this cute small golden heart on a thin string. But I love it and it's my go to necklace that just suits everything. No matter how casual I'm styled, I will at least always have this necklace on.
  Bershka - 12€
Cute statement necklace, that's not too out there, but get's enough attention to get a simple outfit that certain something. And you can wear it both-way. One side has just plain smooth plates in turn with patterned plates. The other side is roughly brushed material.
  Stolen from my mom's.. 
Fits the triangle / geometric / monochrome style that's going on at the moment and just gives every outfit a new look. Because of the longer chain it ends at my breast area, what also makes it look really cute and effortless.

Would love if you left a comment below, on bloglovinhellocotton or on twitter and instagram telling/showing me your favourite necklace. Are you a sucker for statements or do you keep it simple?
  Lots of Love Julie