May 15, 2015

The Favourite: Muted Nails

I'm all about the warmer months so I'm really excited that it's finally getting warmer where I live. Today I'm showing you my current favourite muted polishes (all by Essie...). Perfect for hands and feet!

'Go Ginza' is a beautiful light purple shade that looks very chic and sleek on your nails. Applied onto your nails it's almost a white shade with a strong purple colouration and it makes your skin look really tanned.

'Eternal Optimist' is a rusty pink. You could get away with just one coat, but two make your hands look divine. Such a simple, but still unique colour.

'Fashion Playground'. As turquoise is one of my favourite colours I immeditately fell in love with this shade. It looks perfect and lasts an amazing amount of seven days without chipping.

'Spin The Bottle' might just be the perfect nude shade for my skin tone. Wearing this my hands look well-groomed and chic.

I've posted photos of my nails with all of these shades on over on my  Instagram.

Lots of Love