May 20, 2015

The Life: 5 Things I Love

Sunshine and flowers. Oh I'm so in love with spring and summer. I always have been. Don't really know how this happens, but everytime the sun finally gets out again after long months of grey coldness I instantly feel happy and fullfilled.

Facetime. Quite a bunch of you might know that my boyfriend is currently studying abroad in Japan. He's been away now for over two months and it's honestly been quite okay. Sure I would rather have him by my side everyday, but with my favourite app Facetime everything has been way easier. Being able to talk to each other and see each other on a daily basis really makes things a lot more bareable.

Holiday planning. As I already told you in my last '5 things i love' post I will be visiting my boyfriend in Japan at the end of July and afterwards will be heading on a 4 week interrailtrip through Sweden with a friend. So excited!

My skin. My skin has been behaving amazingly. I've always suffered from really dry patches especially during the colder months. But somehow it seems that I've found the perfect products to keep those patches away. Feels incredible!

Watching Netflix. My current favourite's are 'Ripper Street', 'Better call Saul'  and 'Orphan Black'.
Lots of Love