May 11, 2015

The Tag: Step Into Spring

After a bit of absence here on juliesdreams I thought I'd get back in the game again by answering the question of the 'step into spring' tag. I love the warmer months and am so excited about every bit of sunshine.

What 3 colours remind you most of Spring?
I love pastell shades during spring, so a light turqoise and soft pink are favourites. The most beautiful colour is the vibrant green from all the trees that start to thrive again.
What is the first thing you'd add to your wardrobe in Spring?
Cute flats! It's still quite chilly during spring here in Germany so the best subtle way to upgrade your winter wardrobe is to add open shoes and leave out the socks.
What is the first wardrobe item you ditch in Spring?
My heavy coats. I hate carrying them around all day when I am inside..
What are your ultimate Spring nude and Spring bright lipsticks?
I don't really wear nude lipsticks as I haven't found a good shade yet, but I love brights. Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick in '210 Pinkadilly Circus' and L'Oreal Caresse in '301 Datin Coral' are my faves.
What is your top Spring fragrance?
Definitely Dolce by Dolce&Gabbana! Amazing scent, just feels like spring to me.
What do you add/drop from your skincare routine in Spring?
I add a higher SPF and drop the heavy duty night time creams.
Do you change your hair up in Spring?
I really like the way my hair currently looks, so the answer is no. Dreaming about a bit of ombre though...
Are there any exciting beauty releases you're waiting for this Spring?
I finally want to get my hands on a bottle of 'Bronze Goddess' by Esteé Lauder. What a heavenly coconut summer scent!
What are your top 3 Spring nails shades?
There's actually 4... 'go ginza', 'eternal optimist', 'fashion playground' and 'spin the bottle' all by Essie (there will be a more in-depth post about these shades on friday!).

Lots of Love