April 10, 2015

The Outfit: building a wardrobe - planning the capsule

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At the beginning of January I told you all about choosing the right colours for your capsule wardrobe (read about that here!). During the colder months I wear a lot of warm autumnal colours like burgundy red and dark green. Now it's slightly getting warmer and we're really moving into spring, so I start to think about the colours and items I will wear during spring and summer and slowly transition my wardrobe from cold to hot weather.
steps of capsule planning
  • browse pinterest - get to know which style and items you like
  • search your favourite online stores - gather pieces in a collage, either print or polyvore
  • get an overview of which pieces you already have from previous years
  • let your ideas rest for a while!
  • get back to your inspiration and really think about all the pieces - it will be the capsule of your whole season, so you got to be quite sure about them
  • buy needed pieces and put together your new capsule
  • transition spring items into your winter wardrobe and slowly switchover the whole wardrobe
Upcoming in the 'building a wardrobe'-series: my inspiration collage / capsule pieces / pieces I want to get / my spring capsule
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