September 3, 2014

The Life: 5 things about camping

As I'm back from my two week camping trip with my boyfriend and his family, I wanted to tell you 5 things about camping and the whole outside relaxation experience.

You won't use nearly half of the beauty products you brought. Before I went on my trip I showed you the contents of my washingbag (over here) and my makeupbag (over here) I had packed for my camping trip. And although I thought I had held the packing to a minimum I was totally wrong. Besides necessities like SPF, toothpaste, shampoo and a nightmoisturiser I just used a couple of other products. I bought ecofriendly wildrose facewipes just the day before my trip and they totally were my holy grail. Not really wearing makeup this was just the best thing to clear my face from my daily SPF (and washing with bare water under the shower). And though I didn't use my normal skincare regime my skin looked amazing thanks to sea and sun!

Whilst camping you're surrounded by nature. From the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep you will sit in the middle of beautiful nature. And there's just so much fresh air. After just about three days I felt totally relaxed and fresh. Clean air, the clouds floating by and just noises from trees and birds truely are beautiful.

Whilst camping you're surrounded by people. From the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep you will be in the middle of people. From family and friends to complete strangers. Although sharing the bathroom with about 50 strangers is quite weird at first you're going to like it after a couple of days. Starting conversations with strangers and exploring their tips and advice is amazing. And being with your family and friends in such a small place can really bond you together. 
You will feel absolutely hot and utterly cold. Because you're living in the middle of the nature you will also experience weather and temperature changes way more intense than normally. And you won't be the only one who just wants to take a hot shower whilst feeling cold. There will just be cold water by that time, because everybody will be showering. Best tip: bring a fleece sweater, woolen socks and sweatpants, but also don't forget packing your lightest vest top and shortest shorts. Layering comes in really handy here! 

Camping is the best thing ever. You will never meet so many great people, get friends with strangers and share so many great memories (, hammers, tent pegs, dish liquid) and conversations as whilst camping. Surrounded by loved ones you will enjoy long nights sitting in front of your tent, sipping wine from camping mugs, looking at the stars and having the best time of your life. You will appreciate little things more when you come home and will smile about every grain of sand and pine needle appearing in the strangest places.

Lots of Love