August 15, 2014

The Covet: Autumn/Winter 14 H&M

autumn/winter 2014 h&m

During the colder month I always gravitate towards darker colours and shades. As the H&M catalogue came in the mail a couple of days ago I thought I'd share a small wishlist for this autumn and winter. I love autumnal colours like a mustardy yellow, rusty red and a beautiful dark green. I've been wearing these colours all winter long last year and am really looking forward to getting them out again. With my pale but still olive complexion, dark eyes and brown hair these colours really suit me. And I'm definitely getting a chelsea boot type boot this year. My friend Lisa always wears these during the colder months and they look amazing no matter what she styles them with. So this year I will finally get them as well. Although I'm thinking about getting ones with a heel. And I just love this faux leather shopper with the built in smaller pouch for extra security. Going to France in a couple of days, this bag reminds me of a chic french woman with a really layed back style. I'm all in for cozyness during the colder months and mixing patterns and textures. So a silky blouse with this slouchy knitted sweater would be perfect. And maybe (just maybe!) I've started liking the idea of a pair of jeans with a slits at the knees. They've been all over Topshop during the summer and I'm really starting to like the idea. We'll see if I could wear them during freezing temperatures though..

Lots of Love