June 16, 2014

The Style: 11 Summer Staples

When it comes to summer I love my basic items even more and try to combinate numerous outfits with them. Today I want to show you my 11 summer staples that shouldn't be missing in any wardrobe!

This is no 11-piece wardrobe post, but just the essential key pieces every girl (should) could have! On colder days just add a cardigan or blazer. Of course shorts, dresses and skirts are an all time summer essential as well!
1. A slouchy v-neck shirt
When I get up in the morning and want to look great, but also stay comfy all day long I always gravitate towars a slightly slouchy shirt. This allows the air to run through and keep me (quite) cold and looks really chic and put together as well with the v-neck. My favourites have been stripy and grey ones.
2. A statement necklace
The best way to make an outfit look put together and really effortless is to throw on a big statement necklace. I've got a love for plain gold necklaces as they compliment my more yellow skintone and work perfectly fine with the monochrome tones I'm wearing most times.
3. Birkenstocks
This has been a really controversial product over the last few weeks in the bloggerworld but I've really started loving it: Birkenstocks. As I'm from Germany I already have a pair of faux birkenstocks as slippers at home and have started wearing them outside as well. They just support your feet, allow them to breath and I think they just look amazing with every outfit. (Although my boyfriend really hates them.. He has been wearing them at home for years and doesn't really think they belong on the street. But I just don't care!)
4. Stack on rings
If you want to keep your outfit simple but still classy throw on some stack on rings. I love midi rings combined with 'normal' ones. You could even combine rosegold, gold and silver if you want!
5. A pair of denim jeans
As long as you love your jeans it doesn't really matter what fit or colour they are this summer. I've seen lightly washed boyfriend jeans, dark really tight ones and highwaisted pairs that all looked amazing. The only thing you should look for whilst buying a pair is that you should be able to roll up the bottoms. It just looks so much more summery if you roll up the pants leg and show a bit of ankle!
6. A croptop
Compared with highwaisted trousers or a tight highwaisted skirt a croptop always looks perfect and keeps you feeling fresh. I've been loving stripy ones with a tight fit. But if you don't really feel comfortable with that you can always just opt for a slouchy long croptop that just shows a sexy hint of belly!
7. A jumpsuit
Nothing looks more elegant than a long black, navy or white jumpsuit paired with a statement necklase. And if you're looking for a more sporty casual vibe pair a short printed romper with a pair of flats and you're good to go! You don't even have to worry if top and bottom match..
8. A crossbody bag
The most practical thing out of all my summer staples is a small corssbody bag. You can choose between various shapes, colours and materials and they will all look amazing day and night. One thing I always watch out for is if a small bottle of water would fit. Nothing is more annoying then carrying a bag, a water bottle in one hand and then wanting to take a photo or take a look on a map and balancing everything.
9. Flats
If you're walking around town on a hot summers day you don't really want to be wearing heels. So I always pile up a big variety of flats during spring and summer as they always come in handy. Ballet flats look chic and simple, espadrilles give a souther vibe to your outfit and cute vans make your outfit look more casual.
10. Lace lingerie
When I'm wearing a slouchy shirt I love the look of lace lingerie shimmering through. It just looks so french. And french is always chic! Opt for monochrome colours please!
11. A clutch-bag
And finally there's the clutch that makes every outfit look a million times more put together and chic. I love cream white with golden detailing. And making your clutch the statement of an outfit is the perfect thing you can do!
What's your key piece this summer?
Lots of Love