August 31, 2013

The Beauty: Korres Coral Lovers

I've never been a huge fan of pink tones. I've always loved a play outside in the garden or a walk through the forest as a kid, so I think that's why I never really developed a mega girly manner. That's me trying to write a beauty related blog and doing my makeup in the mornings even when I'm going to stay in my PJs that day.. BUT I love all things beautiful and I'm a huge sucker for coral. So this CORAL LOVERS (!!!) Set from Korres came exactly right for my end of summer makeup vibe.
The Coral Lovers is a beautiful small kit by the natural makeup brand KORRES (already raved about here and here). It comes in a plastic reclosable bag that may come in handy for on the go or beach bag essentials (on the back of the small pouch is a photograph of a beautiful women wearing lovely makeup!). 

On to the products:  The Kit costs 17.50€ but contains products worth more than 35€!

Myrrh & Oligoelements Nail Colour in 45 coral:
On the bottle it says  "high shine / long lasting" and that's just what it is. A bright but chic and lovely coral that has a beautiful shine to it. As far as I've tested this it has lasted me 3 days without chipping and just one coat!  

Mango Butter Lipstick in 45 coral:
The packaging promisses  "sheer colour / high shine / SPF10" and again that's just what you get. As my lips and the area around them are dry all the time I love the Mango Butter formula that's sheer but has a good amount of colour and really hydrates my lips whilst wearing it. You can increase the coverage by applying the lipstick multiple times.

Eyeliner Pencil in 2 brown:
Lovely brown eyeliner pencil that has a great coverage and you can add a beautiful flick to your eye with just one swipe. Stays on for a whole day without really smudging, it just smokes out a bit which looks lovely!

Sample of the White Tea / Bergamot / Freesia Eau De Toilette:
Lovely scent of white tea, bergamot and freesia. Makes you think of summer holidays and mediterranean evenings. 

One coat of the lovely lipstick!

Have you tried any KORRES makeup yet? And are you into natural cosmetics as well?

Lots of Love