April 5, 2013

The Haul: Going Crazy For Dainty Doll

As you might have seen on my blogpost/instagram a couple of days ago, I've scheduled all my blogposts for April. But as something happens plans change. And today I originally wanted to start my "Jewelry-Collection" row, but as I got a small beauty related package this morning I wanted to show you what's inside! So the "Jewelry-Collection" row will start next friday with my favourite necklaces! Keep an eye on that!

So I've read I COVET THEE's blogpost about her latest Dainty Doll purchase and had to order myself some little things. At Fragrance Direct they're selling Dainty Doll products for 1.99£ / 2.33€ what, compared to their normal prices is a HUGE bargain! And as I saw Alix purchase I wanted some of those lovely blushers myself. But certainly I wasn't the only one who saw this snip, so many things were already out of stock. Happily I could get my hands on some other lovely stuff!

So I got the eyeshadows in "005 Purple Hills" and "003 Teach Me Tiger", a lovely rosegold colour (which I'll probably use as a blusher as well..). The Eyeliners "002 I'm So Pretty" and "005 Night Train" also landed in my trolly. And as last thing I picked up the 2in1 mascara&eyeliner in "001 Good Gosh Miss Molly" which is a black liquid liner and a mascara in one package.

Does anyone of you know, why Dainty Doll has been marked down?
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Lots of Love