January 26, 2013

The Favourite: January 2013

So it's time for a new favourites blog. I left out my december favourites as I wanted to do a "2012 Bests", but then I got insanely ill and I couldn't get out of bed and in front of my computer. Do you still want to see those favourites? But as they were my favourites of the year 2012, they will probably be pretty good this year too. So if they appear in a favourites blog I will sure tell you so. 

But now we'll dive into my favourites of this frosty month. It's been snowing a lot here in Germany. So not to many beauty stuff in here since my makeup is always gone after a couple of hours and I focus on moisturizing the hell out of my skin.

The first Product I'd like to mention is actually a notebook. It looks like a "Reclam" book, some of you might recognize these from school. A reclam book is a small yellow book which contains a classic work of the German language. There are also other colours such as red, which then are classic books in a foreign language. But this small notebook just looks like a reclam book of classic literature. It's a universal chequered notebook with a pencil inside the case. At the moment I'm loving this. The notebook has a great size, fits in every bag or jacket and you also got a pencil with you. Ideal for taking notes on what to blog about etc. (Buy it here!)

Next is my new leather bag I got for christmas. It's a big satchell bag with a long strap and great compartments inside. I take this bag to Uni everyday and it fits all I need, even my macbook. Would you like to see a "What's in my bag - Uni edition"?

Speaking of Uni.. I've got to study a lot at the moment, since my exams are in two weeks. (that's why I'm not blogging, twittering etc.) And since I just "live" in the library or linger around at my desk, I got myself two great pairs of adidas jogging pants. A casual grey cotton one and an electric blue cotton polyester one. I absolutely love both. They are comfy and low-maintenance. And you can also style them a bit up, so you don't look as your going to the gym or having a really lazy day.

And as this is also a beauty blog I want two contain to of my beauty must haves this month.
First the "Abbott & Broome" soap in the scent "smaragd" which smells like tigergras and ginkgo. It's very refreshing, moisturizes a bit and you got a clean feeling afterwards. And as I sit in a not to clean library all day I like to get my hands sanatized when I get home. 

This is really so sad guys. The next item is also in my favourites because it's easy and fast to use. And that's what I need currently. Thanks Uni! So here it is. It's the Manhattan cream eyeshadow in the lovely colour "Ballroom Babe (03)" from their actuall Couture Carnival Collection. As I don't have much time in the mornings and I don't care to much about my look while studying anyway, this is the perfect compromise. I look like I've put a lot afford in my make-up and look "well cared" (haha..) and I just swipe on the shadow and blend out a bit. And you can also build the covering up, so you can have a smokey eye if you want to. And it just cost me 4€. Great deal I guess. 

Today I've just put on a really light coverage eye makeup. So lovely to blend!

So that's it, I have to get back to my books.. But I still got a question left. With which brush do you apply foundation. I always used a normal foundation brush, but I'm not happy at all with the result (streaky etc.) so I tend to use my fingers. What do you think about Stippling Brushes? There's such a rave about them and I would love to try one. Which brand do you prefer "stipplingbrushwise"?

Lots of love