January 26, 2015

The Beauty: Skincare from the web

Today I'm just pilling together all of the skincare advice I've found really useful from the web. My main go-to's for skincare advice are Caroline Hirons (of course..), ThatGraceGirl and FromRoses. But there are way more, so I've rounded up my favourites into categories focusing on general 101 and skintypes.
Skincare Tips 

cosmeticsinfo with informations on 'all skincare ingredients'
styleplayground with 'switching to natural skincare' 

Carolin Hirons with an 'SPF cheat sheet'
Juliesdreams on 'Protected Sunkissing'

thatgracegirl on '15 minute facials'
styleplayground on 'the best of face masks' 

Dry and / or dehydrated skin

Oily Skin

Blemishes or acne?
thatgracegirl with 'battling blemish scars'
Jennypurr with 'when acne comes back'

 Do you have any other good posts or recommendations about skincare you want to share?
Lots of Love