December 31, 2014

The Life: 5 Things I Love

Finishing my Bachelor Degree. Although you say 'the journey is the reward' this doesn't really count for me. I loved parts of my degree, especially learning a new language, but a lot of the time it was a real pain. But sometimes you have to struggle to get there. And I finally am! My Master is much more interesting and now I finally have the reward for working so hard.

Meeting new people and bond even more with old friends. I sometimes feel like I don't enjoy life as much as I should. Working had for your degree shouldn't mean that you're not meeting your friends and enjoy time on your own. I've really tried to live by that and have met a lot of new people. And I've taken time to meet up with old friends more often and show them that they really count. 

Travelling. Since I've really been trying to enjoy my life as much as possible I've been saving my money to make more short trips. It doesn't need to be abroad, but also just spending the day in a cute town a hour away. I've visited Malaga twice this year for just a couple of days and that soak of sun has been the perfect thing for me. And then beautiful summer holidays in France and Italy. I feel very spoiled and blessed when I look back at my holiday pictures!

Having my family around me. Every minute spent with my family is so precious and I'm glad that we're all somewhat healthy and happy!

My (Our) beautiful flat. Planting herbs and savouring morning light during spring. Sitting on the windowsill, sipping on icetea and talking late into the warm nights during summer. Watching the season change and admiring the beautiful red and yellow leaves of the big tree in front of our livingroomwindow during autumn. And watching netflix whilst drinking mulletwine snuggled up in bed or on the couch during winter. Our flat is beautiful and I enjoy it every day and every time I invite friends over to have a lovely evening at our long and always beautifully decorated dining table.

I'm wishing myself a lovely, enjoyable and relaxed 2015. May everybody stay healthy, merry and bright. And I wish all of you just the same! Happy New Year!
Lots of Love