December 3, 2014

The Life: 5 Things I Love

As I'm back from my little blogging break I thought I'd share my current favourite things with you.

Watching Netflix. The boyfriend and I have had some cozy nights in watching movies and series on Netflix. Netflix has just arrived in Germany and doesn't have the biggest range of movies just yet, but we're really enjoying watching old favourites and new discoveries. We've been catching up with Luther. Discovering Fargo. And I've binge watched Orange Is The New Black already.

Planning the next few years. As my boyfriend will be staying in Japan for 6 months coming up April we've been talking about our plans for the next couple of years. And I love our ideas and plans so far!

Trip to Sweden. Recently a good friend from uni and I have decided to do a little road trip through Sweden next summer. We've both studied nordic philology so we're lusting to discover Sweden a bit more. Going by train we will visit the bigger cities like Göteborg and Stockholm, but are also looking forward to enjoying the beautiful nature. If you have any suggestions for places to visit, stay or eat feel free to comment below or send me an email!

Stocking up on new interior. Me and my boyfriend have just celebrated two happy years in our flat. We've changed up some small interior things over the last couple of weeks and it's getting more and more perfect. Althought we've felt like home from the first second on.

Listening to the 'Weihnachtsoratorium' by Bach. I'm normally not the biggest fan of classical music, but my family has been listening to Bach's 'Weihnachtsoratorium' every year during christmas time and I've been carrying on with the tradition in my own flat. It just reminds me of very peaceful and happy times.

Do you have any christmas traditions in your family that always make you happy?

Lots of Love