November 10, 2014

The Current Favourite #6

It's officially autumn and it's freezing cold outside where I live, so it's all about making myself comfortable and feeling luxurious.

I've been totally in love with the Rituals Summer Bliss White Lotus & Bergamot Caring Shower Oil. In addition to using this as shower oil I also love to put 5-10 pumps into my bath. It has an amazing, very relaxing scent and moisturizes your skin beautifully. When I get out of the shower I don't even have to put on moisturizer. Whilst I love to take a bath during the colder months it normally dries out my skin and triggers my eczema, but when I use this oil instead of normal bubble bath it helps wonders with my skin!

To keep my dry patches on my face at bay I've been using the Alverde Wildrose Face Oil for dry skin every night and my skin is loving it. I get really dry and sore skin around my eyes, my nose and my chin and I've started massaging the oil into my face and particularly in these areas (watch out to not get the oil into your eyes though!). After a small cold last week my nose didn't look red or irritated at all thanks to the oil!

Looking healthy, fresh and especially awake has been quite the task over the last few weeks and I haven't gone a day without using my Kiko Eyelashcurlers. Even when I don't use mascara I love to curl my lashes to give myself a bright look in the mornings. 

For a really natural no-makeup makeup I've been using the Alverde Blush in '01 apricot'. It's a lovely tone for my still (a bit) tanned face. Almost like bronzer, but a little more rosy. Love to mix up my autumnal berry makeup! I wish it would come with a mirror though, so I could easily bring it everywhere!

Do you have any favourite products at the moment? And what's your signature autumn look?

Lots of Love