September 12, 2014

The Style: Jewellry & french additions

I've always loved jewellry and whenever I go on holiday I love to visit little markets and look for new pieces not particularly everyone will have. Although I love big statement necklaces I've been opting for quite small and delicate jewellry lately and whilst in France I added some new pieces to my collection.

Watch I have a really small wrist, so all the beautiful Daniel Wellington ones aren't really for me. Just a year ago I found this beautiful and simple watch at BijouBrigitte. It has a black thin faux leather strap and gold hardwear. The clock face is white with a b/w candy skull which I absolutely adore. But from a distance this watch just looks really classy and chic.

Bracelettes Whilst in France I spotted these beautiful silver bangles adorned with wo beautiful stones each. They're quite bendable so you can adjust them two your wristsice perfectly or just wear them around your upper arm.

Earrings Besides my love for round embossed plates as earrings (I had to pick up these beautiful silver and black ones) I've come to love earcuffs such as this golden bay leaf. Someday I might get a helix, but I'm quite scared of paralysing my face..

Necklaces Whilst I was on Corse last year my boyfriend picked up this beautiful golden charm. It's the emblem of Corse and reminds me of our beautiful holiday almost every day. This year my boyfriend found this turqois/red/silver charm (against while on holiday) and I really love pairing this with autumnal colours.

Rings Besides some basic stack on rings I've been loving this gold squiggled ring with a black stone. It just looks beautiful on it's own or combined with other thin golden rings.

Lots of Love