September 17, 2014

The Life: 5 things I love

Discovering beautiful playlists on Spotify. I've been on the road lately quite a lot (holidays, visiting my boyfriends family...) and have really enjoyed listening to playlists composed by other people. My current favourite is Feelgood Indie, you can find it here.

Harvesting lavender at my boyfriends family's house. Decorated onto a plate or tray, lying in your closet or just put into a vase lavender not only smells incredible, but also looks beautiful.

Drinking hot chocolate in the morning. I don't like coffee and so I've never really had a morning routine of drinking something hot and having that kind of start into the day. But over the last couple of weeks I've really been loving a hot chocolate in the mornings (and a cup of tea just before bedtime).

Reading blogs whilst drinking hot chocolate and eating breakfast. There has never been anything more relaxing. 

Getting into a new blogging routine. Beauty on mondays, lifestyle on wednesday, fashion or week's nail on friday. The ideas really have been flowing since I've finished my bachelor and blogposts are already planned until the end of october. I've been so inspired that I already thought about a daily blogging routine, but I probably couldn't handle that during my master..

Lots of Love