September 29, 2014

The Beauty: Quenching skin's thirst

It's definitely getting colder where I live and I've just overcome my first (of probably many to come..) colds. The air gets dry and a lot of people suffer from dry skin, itchy patches and an overall dull look. Because of my eczema my skin reacts extremely to the impact of weather and climate changes and over the years I've found some (affordable) products that really help me keep dry skin at bay.
The Lavera Intensive Care Organic Wild Rose & Organic Avocado Oil (ca. 12€) has been a favourite for many years now. It's an intensive thick creme which you're supposed to apply to your dry skin when needed. During winter months I often use this as daily night creme. This might sound drastic, but I need to prevent dry patches especially around my mouth and eyes. The creme sinks in quickly even though it's really thick. The slight rose scent is very pleasing and adds to the luxurious and rich experience.

One night a week I love to apply the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask (ca. 23€). A lot of you will know this mask already. It smells like peaches and really quenches your skin's thirst. I also apply this when I know I won't get a lot of sleep that night, because it plumps up my skin and leaves it looking awake and healthy in the morning.

Weleda Skin Food (ca. 9€). is a creme targeted to dry and rough areas such as elbows and knees, but really is an alrounder. Smelling of fresh herbs and citrus the thick creme adds moisture immediately. I use this a lot around my nose expecially when I've got a cold and I never suffer from dry patches caused by constantly blowing my nose. The scent also helps me breath better and opens my respiratory system again (but that just might be the case for me..). I also use this after a sunburn, as footcream and for any dry area I want to take care of immediately. 

The latest edition to my skincare stash is the Alverde Faceoil Wildrose For Dry Skin (ca. 4€). I apply the oil whenever needed on it's own or as a really thin layer under my moisturiser. When I apply it on it's own I give my face a really good massage to supply every inch with blood again. This leaves me feeling and looking fresh and alive. Sometimes I apply this intensely to a specific dry spot and help it from getting worse. And the wildrose scent of this is simply divine.

Do you have any saviour products for dry skin?

Lots of Love