September 8, 2014

The Beauty: Dove Oil Repair

Once you've smelled the Dove Oil Care Range you are completely sold to the product, no matter how good it is. And I tell you: it's brilliant! At the beginning of the year I bought the leave-in conditioner / hair oil, because I wanted my frizzy ends to look more polished and feel more healthy (I didn't have the time to get a chop.. Really!). The Dove Oil Care Spray can be sprayed onto damp and dry hair. I often spray this onto my damp ends to detangle them and after drying to make them look more polished and shiny. It really softens your hair and the smell this leaves to your hair is just divine. Loving the smell so much I was on the hunt for another product with the same smell and found the Dove Oil Care 1 Minute Treatment that doubles up as conditioner and treatment at ones. Just as the leave-in spray it smells incredible and leaves your hair feeling soft and nourished.

Have you tried any products of this range yet? And do you know any other products that just smell divine?
Lots of Love