June 27, 2014

The Favourite: Bright Summer Nails

At the beginning of April I wrote a "The Favourite: Pastel Spring Nails" and I got some lovely feedback on it and people asking for a bright coloured post. Since it's officially summer now I get out my favourite bright nailpolishes that make hot days even better.
First of all there is Essie 'DJ play that song' from the Neon Collection 2013 (worn here). This is a warm berry purple with a matte finish, but I top it off with a Highshine topcoat most of the time. Although it is such an unusual colour you can almost pair it with everything and it gives your hands a polished but bright touch. As it's from a LE I've searched for a similar colour : Maybelline Forever Strong Nail Polish in 'Berry Stain".
Like almost everybody I'm a coral lover in summer. Essie 'Fifth Avenue' is a darker coral that really pops on tanned skin. I love to wear this on my toes as well or wear a matching lipstick.
And again a nailpolish from a limited edition.. But this one is still available! It's Essie 'Chills &Thrills' from this years Too Taboo 2014 Collection. It's a mixture of a bright electric blue with a hint of lavender in it. This looks amazing with white shorts and a light grey top. And again as all of my bright favourites it makes your tan look even better (as I mentioned in my post about tan-enhancing products here). If you can't get your hands on this you might be interested in similar colours: KIKO Indigo, KIKO Gentian Blue and KIKO Pastel Blue all look quite alike as well but have different amounts of blue and purple in them.

What are your favourite nailcolours in summer? All in for brights or do you prefer a nude?
Lots of Love