May 18, 2014

The Interior: H&M Home Wishlist

h&m home

At the moment I'm searching for a big light grey short flor rug to complete our living room (at the moment we have an old green&white rug my boyfriend got ages ago and I truely hate it..). Whilst searching home sections on every website possibly I stumbled apon some lovely pillows and other bits and bobs at the H&M home site. So now I'm not only wanting a rug but also new pillowcases.. I want to go for a monochrome (black, dark grey, light grey, white) look complimented by turqoise and copper. But there's a long way to go from where our living room is now (everything just works with the colour-scheme of our current rug...).

Do you know any big light grey rugs that aren't to expensive? And which colours do you prefer in your living room? Let me know!

Lots of Love