April 7, 2014

The Beauty: Coral Lips

As I suffer form eczema it's not always easy for me to wear lipstick or lipgloss. But as the weather gets better my lipcondition gets better as well and I can start wearing colour on my lips again. And at the moment it's all about coral for me...
Maybelline - Korres - Essence
I'm really into moisturizing textures as I want to cherish my lips whilst making them look wonderfull. And I don't really mind how long my lipstick stays on as long as it wears of evenly and I don't end up looking like the Joker.. So onto the colours:

Essence Longlasting Lipstick in '01 Coral Calling' is a more redy coral and makes your whole look flawless and quite natural as well. It stays on for quite a while and leaves a beautiful stain afterwards.

Korres Sheer Colour High Shine Lipstick in ' 45 Coral' is the most orange coral out of the three and really looks best when I'm tanned. But on the other hand it also adds something really chic to pale skin and really emphasize your lips. The Korres lipstick has mango butter in it so it really moisturizes as well!

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in '422 Coral Tonic' has a sensational formula and a buildable coral colour. It wears off really evenly so it's perfect for nights out, brunches or just times when you don't want to check your lipstick every couple of minutes.

Do you have any favourite lipsticks at the moment? 
Lots of Love