February 14, 2014

The Beauty: Skincare Additions - Winter Edition

On some days my skin will need some extra attention and that's the time when I luckily have some aces up my sleeve.
First I want to show you the best miracle product I've ever used. You probably already all know (and sacrifice) it by now, it's the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. I've already raved on about this in my '2013 beauty staples', but let me just say: bright and even skin like you've slept 10 hours straight. I also use this when I'm out and about and feel like I'm getting a really dry patch. Just dot it on the area with my fingures and voila! Another product that also has been mentioned in my '2013 beauty staples' is the The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter. Made for all skin types it's perfect for my really dry skin that also get's a few breakouts every once in a while. Doesn't leave your skin greasy, just soft and clean!

I've been looking for a good face exfoliator for quite a while now and have finally found the perfect product for really sensitive skin. The The Body Shop Aloe Gentle Exfoliator gently exfoliates and cleanses my skin with it's teeny-tiny beeds to get rid of flaky patches and dead skin cells. I use this once a week and it leaves my skin amazingly soft, nourished and clean.

On mornings when I already know that I will have a hard and stressfull day or will just be outside a lot, I use the Lavera Intensive Care Liposome Cream as my moisturiser. It contains organic wild rose and organic avocade oil which performe as the perfect hydrating (and lovely smelling..) duo for irritated, sensitive skin. And in times when flaky, red, sore patches appear to be my normal skin condition, I also add the Eucerin Atopi Contorl Acute Cream to the skincare-troop. This cream is particularly made for atopic eczema and I use it both on body and skin. It immediately cools and soothes the irritated area and evens out the skintone. 

I hope that I could help you with a bit of skincare advice for dry, atopic skin.
I've also written a blogpost about my morning-routine and my evening-routine.

Lots of Love