January 27, 2014

The Beauty: Morning Skincare - Winter Edition

I'm finally starting a little series about skincare here. It's going to be about the skincare that I use during the colder months (heating, dry patches etc. have to be controlled!). And today I'm showing you my small morning routine.

First I cleanse my face with the The Body Shop Aloe Gentle Face Wash. It's a really gentle cleanser which I massage into my skin using my hands. After about a minute of massaging I take it off with a warm damp muslin cloth.

To hydrate my skin I apply the The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Day Cream. It doesn't only hydrate my skin it also soothes redness and dry patches. The only downpoint is that you have to wait about 10 minutes until you apply your foundation otherwise the cream hasn't sunken in yet and you will rub it off again.

My eye area needs extra attention day and night, because I get really bad eczema the moment I forget to moisturise it thoroughly. After using the (expensive) Clinique All About Eyes Rich Cream for over a year now I realized that it didn't really do wonders to my skin. It is soothing, but it takes ages to sink in and repair my skin efficiently. So I searched for quite a while and now I've been using the Avene Soothing Eye Contour Cream for about 2 months and really love it. It sinks in well, repairs my skin, soothes out the redness around my eyes and it doesn't sting. Heaven!

The area around my lips is always red during the winter. No matter what I do against it. But to prevend my lips from ripping I've been using the Nuxe Reve De Miel Lipbalm since I bought it on holiday in October. It smells like mint and honey and it has a really nice thick but not sticky texture. During the day I touch up with my The Body Shop Vitamine E Lip Balm, because I don't like putting my finger in the Nuxe pot while I'm out and about and don't have particularly clean hands. But in the mornings it's always Nuxe. Good base for coloured lipproducts too!

Do you have any particular products that you use in the morning? Keep your eyes peeled for the next episode of my skincare series which will be all about evening skincare!
Lots of Love