November 4, 2013

The Haul: Loving French Pharmacies

As I recently went to Corse I did a bit of french pharmacy shopping. Just a bit !
I was looking for mainly bourjois items as I can't get them here in germany. Especially the "bourjois healthy mix foundation" was on my top list. I couldn't find it in the end, but did some great other purchases instead.

Just 4 bottles of Bioderma.. In Germany you get one 500ml bottle for 20€, in Corse you get two for around 14€. A good excuse I think.. My boyfriend also supported me quite a bit looking at my long expensive wishlist that we still had to look for. And I really love bioderma to take of my makeup at night before cleansing my skin. Doesn't sting in the eyes and doesn't leave my skin feel dry and tight at all. The L'oreal micelliar water wasn't as good for me! So a huge stock of bioderma is just best!

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush in "tomette" and "rose amber". Rose amber is your classy rosy cheek colour but with great formula, tomette is a bronzy shimmery colour that really compliments my end of summer tan.

I don't really liked the primers I've tested before so I wanted to try the Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer and really like it so far. It's feather light texture leaves my skin soft and moisturised and I hardly need any daily moisturizer before. As I'm a bit tanned at the moment I don't use foundation, just the primer and a conceal here and there. The primer just makes my complexion look better and healthier. No miracles done here to ultra red marks but I hadn't expected that beforehand.

And of course I jumped on the bandwagon with the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover. And this is really magic, I love it! I would paint my nailpolish new three times a day if I wasn't testing out the holding time of my current Sally Hansen polish

I saw the Le Petit Marseillais Shampoo Au Lait de Karité et au Miel at the supermarket and was drawn towards it by it's packaging. The shampoo just looked like honey for me and I'm really a sucker for all things honey. And it smells AMAZING! Hours after I've showered and blowdried my hair still smells like real honey. I'm in love and I've got to get my hands on some more! 

Any good online-store suggestions for french products?

Lots of Love